You’ll have me in your corner, giving you one-on-one personalized coaching

A decade ago I was you. Desperately needing the knowledge and guidance of someone who could look at me as more than another engineer-turned-wedding photographer. We all need someone in our corner who can help us move beyond the blocks we can’t even imagine are stopping us.

Working with me is a holistic one-on-one coaching experience. I know from my own creative journey that sometimes we can’t see what’s right in front of us. My goal is to get you beyond those invisible blocks, not only seeing your vision but living it.

We all have moments where we hedge, stumble, and struggle to get back up. I’m here to help keep you on track, learn how to see beyond those momentary struggles, and make a commitment to yourself.

Dave views the whole picture.

He understands how world events and past traumas, previous successes and triumphs, creates your psyche and how that relates to the situation you are in. He then applies that knowledge to build a plan to get you to the next level. Dave strikes a great balance between the psychology of a person and the brass tacks of a business.

I feel much more confident and directed. My business is less chaotic. I realize that I am in charge, and I can create the environment in which I can succeed.

– Bobbi Barbarich Photography

Let’s plan your next adventure

You don’t have to go it alone, I’m here to help you find your path forward

Let’s book a hike together. And by hike, I mean a video chat.

Once we decide it’s a go, we map out a trail to your dreams. I begin guiding you through what’s holding you back.

Together, we get to work on creating the adventurous life you’re meant to lead.

Make the Investment in yourself

Dave is the best investment I’ve made. He is your cheerleader, confidant, and the person you’re looking for to take you to the next level with your business

– Angela Nelson Photography

You have what it takes to create change in your life – and if you’re up to it, the world.

You know you were meant for more. You can feel it. I’m here to guide you on that journey.